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Fashionable Rolled Ribbon Rose Pillow for the Dolls House


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Making Simple Ribbon Roses - Folding the Petals
Stitching the center and folding down the ribbon for the first petal of a simple ribbon rose.

Stitch across the base of the rolled ribbon to form the center of the rose, then fold the main line of ribbon at right angles so the main ribbon lies parallel with the rose center stem.

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Take the long end of your ribbon, beside the rolled center you just made, and fold the end of the ribbon at right angles back under itself so that the length of the ribbon is now parallel to the rose 'stem' along side it. (see photo). From now on until the rose is the size you want, you will be folding the ribbon at right angles for each petal, than rolling the rose center section across that petal and stopping when you reach the main length of ribbon. Folding that main length and rolling the rose onto the petal again.

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