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Fashionable Rolled Ribbon Rose Pillow for the Dolls House


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Making Simple Ribbon Roses - First Fold
A ribbon folded at right angles and stitiched across the base of the fold to start a ribbon rose.

The first step in making a simple ribbon rose is to fold the ribbon at right angles and stitch across the base of the folded edge with small stitches.

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To start making miniature roses, follow the instruction and the photos. The photos shown use 1/2 inch ribbon so that you can more clearly view the steps. If you have never rolled a ribbon rose by hand, try your first few with scraps of soft ribbon 1/2 inch or wider (or a scrap of fabric or strip of soft paper). Once you have successfully followed the steps for rolling the rose, start working with your fine silk ribbon to make miniature roses.

First Fold - Lay your ribbon out with the short end folded at a right angle to the long end. (see photo) Stitch across the base of the fold to hold the ribbon in place. Stitching is not necessary for larger pieces of ribbon, but it makes the center of tiny silk roses easier to roll. For the 7mm silk roses leave about 1/2 inch as the short end of the ribbon, which will become the rose stem.

If you prefer you can roll miniature ribbon roses with a rose tool (a darning needle with the tip of the eye cut off, mounted in a piece of cork or dowel.)

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