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Easiest Way to Make Raw Eggs for Dollhouse or Miniature Scales


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Make Scale Miniature Egg Whites
Acrylic tar gel medium used to make clear raw egg whites around miniature egg yolks for scale scenes

Acrylic Tar Gel Medium is used to make the whites for scale miniature raw eggs.

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Use clear Tar Gel acrylic medium to create the effect of egg whites

For Unbroken Eggs for a cooking scene, place a small dab of tar gel around the yolk, and another dab of gel on top of the yolk. Allow the tar gel to spread out as it dries.

For Broken Eggs place a bit of tar gel on the outside edges of the broken yolk, and add more tar gel drips to the side which will be the bottom of the dripping egg.

For Partially Mixed Eggs Place tar gel on top of a small dab of wet yellow paint and use a toothpick to stir the gel and paint together for the effect of a partially beaten egg.

Leave the Tar Gel to dry.

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