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Easiest Way to Make Raw Eggs for Dollhouse or Miniature Scales


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Make Realistic Raw or Broken Eggs in Miniature for Dolls House or Model Scenes
A miniature broken raw egg in 1:12 scale displayed on the bald head of a dolls house doll.

Fanciful miniatures like this broken raw egg lend themselves to adding humor to static scale displays.

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Use these easy instructions to make miniature raw eggs for any setting. You can make dollhouse scale eggs stream down a doll's face, or lay on the floor beneath a curious cat. These eggs can be stirred a little or a lot, set in bowls, or made to look like they are sliding down a surface.

These eggs are made from standard artist's materials, instead of the usual polymer clay, which makes them much easier to shape and more adaptable for any model scene.

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