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Make Miniature Food for Scale Scenes

Make all kinds of miniature scale and dollhouse foods with these free step by step instructions using polymer clay, beads, and floral arrangement foam. The beginner's projects shown here can be made in a number of dollhouse and other miniature scales.

Make Specialized Cookie Cutters for Hanukkah Cookies
Make dolls house scale Hanukkah cookie cutters and cookies.

Make a Dolls House Scale Miniature Panetonne - Italian Fruit Bread From Polyclay
Tutorial on how to make a dolls house scale Panettone from polymer clay.

Make Dolls House Lemons and Lemon Slices from Polymer Clay
Make dollhouse scale lemons and lemon slices or other citrus fruits from polymer clay canes.

Make Dolls House Scale Onion Canes from Polymer Clay
How to make dolls house scale onions from polymer clay using simple jelly roll canes.

Make Realistic Miniature Berries From a Range of Materials including Poly Clay
Miniature drupe type berries (raspberries, blackberries) are easy to make from a range of materials. Once you've made the originals you can make a mould to cast them over and over from polymer clay

Make a Dollhouse Hat Cake With Roses From Polymer Clay
How to make a dolls house scale hat shaped cake with rose decorations from polymer clay

Make Dollhouse Miniature Cupcakes Decorate with Bunnies and Chicks
Make tiny polymer clay cupcakes for dollhouse scenes or Easter jewellery projects

Make Realistic Miniature Cookies From Polymer Clay
How to make realistic miniature cookies for your dolls or miniature scenes using polymer clay.

Make Scale Miniature Raw Eggs
Use basic art supplies to make realistic scale miniature raw eggs for dolls house food preparation boards, or to add humor or detail to a scale scene.

Make a Miniature Dollhouse Fruit Box
How to make a miniature fruit or berry boxes for dollhouse scenes using recycled paper.

Dollhouse Miniature Polymer Clay Peaches
Step by Step photo instructions for making extremely realistic 1:12 scale peaches from polymer clay.

Making 1:12 Scale Dollhouse Blackberries or Bramble Berries
A project to make 1:12 scale dollhouse blackberries from black microbeads and thread.

Make Miniature Waffles from Polymer Clay
Make miniature waffles or pancakes in dollhouse scales from polymer clay.

Make Miniature and Dollhouse Cakes Using Your Printer and Florist’s Foam
Tutorial for making miniature cakes for scale and dollhouse displays using a color printer, acrylic paint, and dry floral foam.

Accurately Scaled Silicon Molds for Dolls House Foods From Solway Miniatures
Solway Miniatures, based in Dumfries, Scotland, produce and sell a wide range of accurately scaled silicone putty molds for 1:12 and 1:24 scale miniatures

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