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Eranthis hyemalis - Miniature Bulb Winter Aconite


As a size reference this single flowering winter aconite is the size of a quarter.

As a size reference this single flowering winter aconite is compared with a quarter.

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Common Name :

Winter Aconite

Plant type:

Early spring flowering bulb or miniature ground cover grown from tubers


Species from France, Italy, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia, widely naturalized throughout Europe in woodlands and rocky sites.


2 - 4 inches (5-10 cm)

Blooming time :

Early spring (from January through March, depending on the location and variety). Eranthis is often seen blooming through a light covering of snow.

Zone :

Cold hardy in zones 4-7 may be grown in some areas of zone 3 with winter mulch.

Suitable for :

Early spring ground cover, rock gardens, spring under planting of deciduous trees or shrubs.

Description :

Eranthis hyemalis or winter aconite, sends up bright yellow buttercup like flowers with a ruff of green leaves very early in the spring. It is one of the earliest spring bulbs often flowering in early January. At a height of 2 - 4 inches (5-10cm) it shows off best in clumps, naturalized under deciduous trees or shrubs. It grows best in well drained alkaline or slightly acid soils which do not completely dry out in summer, prefering full sun for its blooming period, with dappled shade in summer.


Winter aconite grows best from tubers which have been soaked overnight, or transplanted from fresh clumps. If left undisturbed it may naturalize from seed. Plants should be propagated by division of clumps after the flowers are finished but before the leaves fall.

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