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Chionodoxa forbesii - Miniature Flowering Bulb - Glory of the Snow


Flowering group of miniature  blue ground covering bulbs, Chionodoxa forbesii (lucilliae).

Flowering group of the miniature spring bulb Chionodoxa forbesii (lucilliae) blue variety.

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Common Name:

Glory of the Snow

Plant Type:

Early spring flowering bulb or miniature groundcover grown from bulbs.


Native of Southern Turkish Mountains above 7000 feet (2500m)


In flower the blooms are 4-6 inches tall depending on the variety.(10-15cm)

Blooming time:

Early spring, will often bloom through snow.


Grows well from zone 3-9. Blooms earliest in warmer zones.

Suitable For:

Early spring ground cover, rock gardens, spring under planting of deciduous trees or shrubs.

Description :

Chionodoxa forbesii or Glory of the Snow covers the ground in early spring with a carpet of brilliant blue or pink flowers with a central white eye. The flowers often appear just as the snow disappears, and have been known to bloom through the snow. Chionodoxa is extremely easy to grown and self seeds readily, so clumps often grown to cover large areas. The leaves are small and do not interfere with the flowers, or crowd out neighboring plants


These early spring bloomers need to be planted in full to partial sun in well drained soil. Their showy sprays of up to ten blooms can often be seen poking through the snow in early spring.

They should be planted 2 to three inches apart and 2 to 4 inches deep (use the shallower depth in warmer zones. They can be naturalized in lawns in colder areas where grass growth begins late in the spring. The plants grow 4-6 inches tall (10 – 15 cm).

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