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Tips on Hook and Loop Closures and Velcro for Miniatures and Doll Clothes


Low profile and regular thickness hook and loop tapes.

Comparison of the thickness of low profile and regular hook and loop tape showing how the thickness differs between the types. Low profile hook and loop tape is sometimes sold as 'doll velcro'

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Velcro (TM) and other hook and loop tapes are a great way to attach miniature upholstery, rugs or other objects to miniature scenes as well as a good openable closure for doll clothing. Although you can use regular hook and loop tape, you may want to seek out special 'low profile' hook and loop tapes, or 'doll velcro' to secure your miniatures. The low profile hook and loop tapes are around 1/4 as thick as regular hook and loop tape systems, which make them more flexible, and better adapted to holding fine fabrics to furniture, or as fasteners for clothing for smaller scale dolls. The low profile tapes can be cut into thinner sections or shapes like the standard hook and loop tapes, and can be found in adhesive backed or more flexible sewn in versions. Low profile tapes are usually available in black and white/ offwhite versions.

Uses of hook and loop tapes and dots for miniatures:

  • Use hook and loop tapes to fasten backdrops to a table top photo table or a backdrop support This is especially useful for draped fabric backdrops you want to secure to a photo stand, but need to switch out.
  • Use tiny sections of low profile hook and loop tape as closures for easy to sew doll clothing. Sew tiny doll buttons made from polymer clay to the right side of the clothes for show, but make the actual closure with bits of hook and loop tape on the fabric behind the buttons.
  • Use straps made from low profile hook and loop tape to hold rolls of fabric to suggest miniature sleeping bags or tents
  • Use fine strips of hook and loop tape when adjustable straps are needed for miniature items like purse straps or bindings for miniature skis
  • Use low profile tape to hold photos, mirrors,drapes or furniture in place in miniature scenes. The photos can be removed and others used in their place if you wish.
  • Thin hook and loop can be used to help secure china or resin miniatures to settings, for example bathtubs in dolls houses.
  • Thin hook and loop can be used to hold moveable room dividers in place to divide up dollhouse rooms

Choosing the right type of hook and loop for your miniature

Choose a hook and loop tape which is easy to apply (sewn or self adhesive) and which has the correct opening/closing range for your purposes - how many times can you open and close the connected tape before one side 'gives out' . Thicker types of hook and loop closures will hold heavier loads but you may have difficulty peeling them apart where you are using them with solid, rather than flexible materials. Hook and loop fasteners work best when one side of the object can be curled away from the other section of fastener.

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