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Materials for Miniatures Made From Fabric, Leather and Thread

Information on fabrics, leathers, threads and accessories useful for miniature projects.

Dritz Fray Check to Hold Tiny Seams and Edges
Review of Dritz / Collins Fray Check for working with miniature seams and ribbons.

How to Use High Stitch Count Silk Gauze for Miniature Needlework
Information on using silk gauze as the basis for miniature needlework and petite point projects, including those in dolls house scales.

Hooks and Threads for Miniature Crochet
Which threads to use for miniature crochet, along with the hook size needed.

Find Inexpensive Fine Knit Fabrics for Miniature Doll Clothing Including...
Find Inexpensive Fine Knit Fabrics for Miniature Doll Clothing Including Dresses, Tops, and Pants

How to Choose Small Scale Print Fabric For Doll Clothing with Gathers or Pleats
Learn how pleats and gathers affect small scale prints used for dollhouse scale upholstery and doll clothing.

Using Velvet for Miniature Doll Clothing and Upholstery
Types of velvet fabric which work well for miniature clothing and upholstery, as well as tips on working with velvet.

Habu Textiles Silk and Cotton Flat Weave Yarns
Flat ribbon like cotton and silk yarns for miniature clothing trims, weaving and knitting projects from Habu textiles.

Tibetan / Mongolian Lambs Wool for Doll Wigs and Model Horse Manes and Tails
Descriptions of Tibetan lambs wool and how it is used for wigs for dolls as well as manes and tails for Model Horses.

Thin Leathers for Scale and Miniature Projects, Dolls' Clothes and Furniture
A range of types and thicknesses of leather are available for miniature, scale model, model horse tack, doll's clothing and dollhouse furniture projects. Leather is usually measured in terms of ounces per square foot, which relates to its thickness. For each one ounce weight, leather will be roughly 1/64 of an inch or 4mm thick. Sold as either...

Craft Foam for Miniatures
Uses of craft foam for miniatures as well as ways to shape and finish it for various textured effects.

Book Cloth For Miniatures and Models
Descriptions of various types of book cloth and how it can be used for miniatures and modelling projects which require thin leather or cloth which doesn't fray.

Make Thin Flexible Faux Leather Fabric
Use basic materials to make custom colored flexible faux leather fabrics in a range of styles

Using Bunka For Miniature Projects
Ways you can use Japanese Bunka embroidery threads for miniatures, model and dollhouse trims

What is Mohair and How is it Used for Miniatures, Dolls and Model Horses?
What do people mean when they talk about using mohair for doll wigs or model horse manes and tails? Descriptions of how mohair is used for miniatures, and where to find it.

Fine Braided Trim for Doll Clothing, Model Horse Tack and Other Miniatures
Sources for fine braided trims used for model horse tack, dollhouse models and doll clothing, and other miniatures.

Fine Chenille "Velvet" Trims for Models and Miniatures From Fly Tying Suppliers
Types of fine chenille and faux fur trims useful for doll clothing, models and miniature upholstery.

Setacolor Dyes To Color Tibetan Lambswool and Other Wigging Fibers
How to color silk, wool and mohair wigs or wigging fibers using Setacolor heat set fabric paints.

Review of Jacquard Textile Color
A review of Jacquard Textile Color as used to create custom designed fabrics for miniatures and doll clothing.

Tips on Hook and Loop Closures and Velcro for Miniatures and Doll Clothes
Types of hook and loop tape closures for miniatures and doll clothing and quick tips on using them.

Review of Pebeo Setacolor Fabric Paint
Review of Pebeo Setacolor fabric paints for making custom colored and designed fabrics for scale miniatures and dollhouse use on natural and man made fabrics.

Handkerchiefs - A Source of Fine Fabric and Trims for Miniatures
How to find and use handkerchiefs for miniature and doll clothing projects.

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