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OOAK Artist Emporium Fairy Wings Review

Wide Range of Wings in Several Sizes

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Mini Watercolor Wings from OOAK Artist Emporium shown with a quarter as a size reference.

Sheet 2 of the mini watercolor wings series from OOAK Artist Emporium shown with a quarter for scale.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

OOAK Artist Emporium produce several different sizes and types of wings for fairy and fantasy figures. Available in a wide range of wing designs, including modified butterfly patterns, cicada and dragonfly wings, the wings are sized for roughly 1:12 through 1:6 scale dolls. Wings come several pairs to a sheet depending on their size.

Choosing a Base Material for Fairy Wings

Printed transparencies are the most common method of making wings for miniature figures. OOAK Artist Emporium sell transparent wings printed on clear overhead sheet material, as well as "watercolor" wings printed on fine silk, and vellum. All three methods have different applications with the transparent wings allowing for layers of transparent dimensional glazes to build up a natural 'cell' effect which enhances the clear wings of cicada's and dragonflies exceptionally well. (see photos)

The wings appear to be based on quality photographs or scans of actual wings of cicadas, dragonflies, butterflies and moths, with several wings modified to produce a 'fantasy' color range while leaving the original wing patterns intact. The wings are available in small sizes, suitable for 1:12 scale figures or below (see photo with figures) and a larger size, which is suitable for 1:6 scale or slightly larger figures, depending on the size you want the wings to be in relationship to the figure.

While they are easy to use, the transparent wings may not give the effect of 'scales' found on butterfly and moth wings and are decidedly 'plastic' looking which may or not be the look you want. OOAK artist's emporium allow for this by producing most of their wing patterns on transparencies as well as silk or vellum (thin translucent but strong paper) which can give a more 'natural' color and texture to colored wing prints. The silk wings are the easiest to curve for more dimensional shape as the fabric has natural give and stretch, unlike the vellum or transparency which are more ridgid. The vellum and silk wings also offer a better base to hold glues and additions such as glitter, beads or embossing powders if you want to add those to your designs.

Methods of Making Wings for Fairies and Other Fantasy Creaures

Dollhouse doll and action figure on sheet of wing prints to show relative size of wings.

1:12 Scale Doll and six inch action figure on a transparent sheet of mini wings from OOAK Artist Emporium to show the relative size of the wing sets.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

There are a wide range of tutorials for making wings from several materials. OOAK Artist Emporium post three methods on their site, for

Other Methods of Making Miniature Wings

Most methods for making wings involve laying the wing material over a wing design, or laying a print on fabric, paper or transparency on a flat surface, then fitting fine wire to the vein lines on the wing and gluing it in place. Decorative details are then added to the wings to cover the wires and add sparkle and texture.

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