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Start Collecting and Making Miniatures


Learn the basics about miniatures and miniature collectibles, as well as useful tools and materials for making  custom miniatures.
  1. Tools For Miniatures
  2. Materials for Miniatures
  3. Beginners Projects and Simple Displays
  4. Collecting Miniatures
  5. Useful Terms
  1. Play Miniatures For Children
  2. Miniatures Community
  3. Types of Miniatures
  4. Featured Miniature Artisans
  5. Exhibits From Miniature Shows

Tools For Miniatures

Photo showing basic tools for a miniaturist

Although many specialized tools are available, most miniaturists get by with standard craft or household items. It's surprising how little you need in order to create a miniature masterpiece.

Materials for Miniatures

Materials for Making Miniature Tadpoles in a Jar

Miniatures aren't always what they seem. These basic materials can be used in many ways to create tiny items.

Beginners Projects and Simple Displays

Working Miniature Bear Lamp

Even if you are all thumbs you can make these projects. Some are made with paper and your computer printer, others might require a few specialized supplies.

Collecting Miniatures

one quarter scale dollhouse farmhouse

Should you build, buy or trade items to make a miniature collection? What's the best way to showcase what you have?

Useful Terms

Sample Wedgewood Backstamp

Every hobby has its own terminology. These starting points make understanding discussions easier.

Play Miniatures For Children

The front of the Creatology Dollhouse With Veranda showing the veranda and door detailing.

There are a wide range of miniature suitable for various ages of children. Check out the child's interest and needs before you buy or build. A child may already have well loved toys in a particular scale, or the lack of certain items in a similar scale(cars or horses) may reduce the play or sharing value.

Miniatures Community

participants at a dollhouse club show

Miniatures attract friendly, creative, people who love making and displaying tiny things. Find some and join in the fun.

Types of Miniatures

Tiny reproductions of rare tulips; viridiflora and Silver Standard in dolls house scale.

Find the miniature you want to collect or model. From living plants and animals to trains and dolls house miniatures there is a wide range.

Featured Miniature Artisans

A one twelfth scale Alsatian dog with a furred coat, sitting on a person's hand for scale.

Work from some of the best miniaturists in the world.

Exhibits From Miniature Shows

Fanciful woodland cottage in dolls house scale  with  a multi angled shingled roof.

Miniature exhibits from dollhouse and railroad shows showcase what talented miniaturists are making now.

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