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Classic Painted Wood Finishes for Refinishing Furniture and Dollhouse Furniture


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Assemble The Materials for Classic Painted Finishes for Miniature Furniture
An upholstered miniature dining room chair with a gilt and mahogany finish.

An upholstered dolls house dining room chair by Jiayi

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To refinish your furniture you will need:

  • Your chosen pieces of furniture These can be pieces with different woods or wood finishes, the final finish will cover any previous samples. In this set of instructions a JiaYi Chair with a dark and gilt wood finish and a white Town Square Miniatures store showcase were both turned into a pale pickled wood finish. This is not a finish you should apply to treasured antiques or collectible.
  • Acrylic Paints To create any of these finishes you will need white, lamp black (a flat dark grey/black) and a raw sienna(brown) acrylic paint. For a Swedish Blue finish you will also need Prussian blue paint, for a French Cream finish you will need Ochre (yellow) paint, and for a French pickled Bois finish you will need orange paint. You may also need a bit of raw umber to help warm up the colors.
  • Mineral Spirits (white spirits) to remove any wax p from the furniture
  • Cotton swab for applying mineral spirits
  • Fine Steel Wool, or Green Scrubbing Pad to roughen the original finish.
  • Soft Paint brush to apply a smooth layer of undercoat.
  • Stiff or Firm Paint Brushto apply the layer of topcoat with a streaked effect.
  • Strong Paper Towel or Rag
  • to rub off excess finish.

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