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Classic Painted Wood Finishes for Refinishing Furniture and Dollhouse Furniture


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Introduction to Classic Painted Furniture Finishes for Dolls House Furniture.
A classic pickled wood finish applied to dolls house miniature furniture.

These two unified pieces of dolls house furniture began as totally unrelated pieces, one stark white, the other gilded dark wood.

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When several pieces of furniture need to be made to match, classic furniture finishes with undercoats and brushed over glazes are often a good method to try. When pieces ready made furniture doesn't have the finish you may want for your room setting (in full size or in a dolls house), make them match by applying classic 'antique' finishes. If the furniture isn't an antique or collector's piece, you can refinish it using several classic techniques. The three shown here all require the same technique to create a pickled wood finish (shown here), a Swedish Blue finish, or a French Cream finish. The techniques used for miniature or dolls house furniture are the same as those needed for full size furniture pieces.

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