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No Hole Beads - Micro Beads - Scale Materials


various sizes of no hole beads

Various sizes and colors of No Hole Beads

Lesley Shepherd

No Hole Beads

- also sold as 'micro beads' are available in various sizes either transparent or metallic, from scrapbooking and bead suppliers. The beads pictured are sized 2mm (purple and large clear), 1mm medium clear, and 0.5mm black and some clear.

Beads can be stained or painted for various purposes, using glass stains and acrylic paints.

Scale applications for No Hole Beads

0.5mm beads can be used:

  • to assemble 1:12 scale berries
  • to create tiny eyes for dollhouse toys or smaller scale polymer clay animals
  • to create seeds for 1:12 scale plants
  • to create flower arrangements in 1:48 scale vases (as arranging material)
  • to create tiny beaded patterns for various scales

    1mm beads can be used:

  • for eyes for small animals in several scales
  • to represent rounded fruit or berries in several scales (may be painted or have acrylic mediums added to paint to adjust bead shape)
  • for flower arranging material for small arrangements in clear vases and jars
  • to create beaded patterns for items made with large beads(placemats, car seat beaded covers, designs on costumes)
  • to create buds on flowering stalks of plants

    2mm beads can be used for:

  • eyes for scale toys or animals
  • large buds on scale plants
  • small fruits on scale plants
  • flower arranging material in vases
  • to resemble smaller rounded fruits if shape is adjusted with paint or acrylic medium, tomatoes for example
  • light fixtures for stained glass effects.

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