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Clear Tar Gel Acrylic Medium


Clear Tar Gel medium creates long glossy strings of paint when added to acrylic paints. This makes it easier to create paint strings on acrylic paintings.
Samples of Clear Tar Gel Acrylic Medium Alone and Mixed with Acrylic Paint

Clear Tar Gel Acrylic Medium shown alone, with paint drawn out in short strings, and painted with a brush

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For miniaturists and dollhouse builders this is an ideal additive to create long thin glossy streams, caramel on cremes, chocolate glaze for donuts, fine streams of sauce to dress up miniature platters and plates. It is also useful to produce paint drips and runs off the edge of paint cans, spills coming out of tins etc. This is a clear medium when dry, so it can also be used alone with no paint to create the effect of puddles for miniature scale scenes or recent water spills on floors as it spatters well.

Tar gel can be added to fine fishing line to give the effect of thin water streams from the end of a hose, or built up in layers for deeper water effects. It is best applied in layers no more than 1/8 inch thick on each application. When dry, tar gel remains slightly soft but holds a gloss well and does not hold dust.

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