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How To Make Simple Tools from Polymer Clay


Creating miniature texture stamps from polymer clay

Use a rolling pin to texture polymer clay to create a stamp for miniature dollhouse waffles

Lesley Shepherd
Polymer clay can be used to make stamping and molding tools and tool handles for making miniatures. This is one of my favorite ways to create texturing tools.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 15 minutes

Here's How:

  1. To begin, create the shape you want using polymer clay. You can create the shape as a new sculpt of the tool you want, or you can create the tool using other simple means. Beads with a toothpick in the centre make great rolling pins to texture clay in order to make stamps or texturing sheets.
  2. Bake the clay to cure it. Create a handle for your tool and cure it at the same time as you bake the tool. Separate handles make it easier to replace either the tool or the handle if something breaks.
  3. Attach your handle to your tool when both are baked, or make a handle from a scrap piece of wood.
  4. Example The waffle stamp shown here was made to create square waffles for a miniature scene.

    • First a waste piece of polymer clay was rolled out flat, and two passes were made with a bead rolling pin to create even lines. One pass was made left to right, the other pass was made across the first lines to create a grid pattern.
    • A good section of the grid was cut out and baked.
    • After the stamp was cured in the oven, it was attached to a handle. The stamp can now be used to create the distinctive dimple pattern for waffles.
    • Make the stamp the shape you want the waffle, you could use a heart instead of a square.


  1. Make your tools out of odd colors of left over or dirty clay, you don't need to use new clay for tools.
  2. Make the tool handle fit your hand by holding on to it to shape it where you want it to hold it.
  3. Be on the lookout for interesting beads that can act as clay rollers. Many will create very elaborate patterns in clay.

What You Need

  • Scrap Polymer Clay
  • Tools to shape or texture the clay
  • An oven to cure the clay
  • Glue to attach handles to the tools you create

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