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MagEyes Magnifying Headband Review

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A Mageyes magnifying headband shows a view of a quarter.

Mageyes headband provides hands free magnification while working on miniature projects.

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The Bottom Line

MagEyes headbands are an easy to use magnification system for miniaturists and modellers. They allow hands free magnification, set to a comfortable angle, allowing the wearer to work with magnification, or work with a regular range of vision simply by adjusting their angle of view.

When working with items that require some magnification and some work with regular eyesight, they are a quick and easy to adapt solution, regardless of any prescription glasses you might need to wear. The lenses are held well off your face, allowing you to easily glimpse beyond them, or down to your workbench through your regular glasses.


  • Lightweight, comfortable, easy to use design
  • Works with prescription glasses
  • Allows wearer to use magnification or regular field of view easily


  • So comfortable you forget you are wearing them!


  • Simple comfortable headband holds range of high quality acrylic magnifying lenses.
  • Easily used with prescription lenses, wearer can adjust the angle of the magnifying lens to a comfortable viewing spot.
  • Easily portable, lightweight, easily cleaned, withstands heavy use.
  • Range of lenses available, individual lenses can be purchased as needed.

MagEyes Magnifying Headband Review

MagEyes are a comfortable lightweight headband which hold a variety of optical quality, distortion free acrylic lenses in various magnifications. They are ideal for the purposes of miniatures and models, as they allow hands free magnification without interfering with regular vision. The user chooses the magnification by the working distance from the lens. The lens mounting is held well in front of your face, allowing a large area free of magnification for normal vision tasks like reading instructions or looking for the next small part on your workbench.

The lenses are available in four different magnifications. One head band model, MagEyes Plus, includes a 5x loupe which can be set on either side of the headband, and swung away when not needed. Lenses are available in sets with the headband, or separately to be purchased as needed.

The headband is constructed of a very durable plastic which holds its spring well, keeping the headband comfortable, without stretching and becoming loose with wear. The headband is designed to be worn across the forehead, with the clips holding the band to the head placed well behind the ears. This design keeps it free of most women's hairstyles, pins and clips, and makes it exceptionally easy to wear for long periods, or to remove without damage to a hairstyle. The only adjustment is the amount of play in the swing of the lens holding arms.


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