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Velvety Fun Flock for Dollhouse Rugs, Wallpapers, Grass and Animals

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Vials of colored flocking used for miniature projects, cards and scrapbooking.

Fun Flock, a product used for stamping and paper crafts is also useful for creating pile and fur effects for dolls house and other scale miniatures.

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The Bottom Line

A wide range of colors and generous vial size for projects make Fun Flock useful for flocking scale animals to reproduce velvety coats, or for making small scale rugs, or other miniatures where an obvious pile or furring adds realism. With a fiber length of around 1mm flocked paper can easily be punched to create velvet trim and details. This flocking powder works well on uneven surfaces, allowing you to flock inside jewelry boxes or cases in dolls house scales. It also works well with adhesive surfaces and can be used on the back of sticker shapes. In very small scales it can be used to create a grass effect.


  • Wide range of colors
  • Avaialable online and from many stamping / scrapbooking supply shops
  • Generous amounts packed in each vial
  • Easy to use with sticker shapes or tape
  • Good fiber lenght for velvet piles in 1:12 and smaller scales


  • Can be messy!
  • Works best on very flat applications of glue, otherwise you can see the glue lines.


  • Twenty six colors of flocking available from natural through fashion shades.
  • Easy to use, spread and press firmly into glue then shake off excess
  • Colors can be blended for an even wider range
  • Fast way to create low pile carpets (or higher piles in smaller scales) and flocked effect wallpapers or velvet trims.

Guide Review - Velvety Fun Flock for Dollhouse Rugs, Wallpapers, Grass and Animals

Fun Flock by Stampendous is a range of 26 colors of lighweight flock with particles roughly 1mm long. Sold in generous size vials it is designed for use on scrapbook embellishments and cards. Colors range from earth tones to brights and all colors can be mixed to create a range of shades.

Uses for Miniatures For miniatures and models Fun Flock is ideal for making smaller scale rugs, (1:24 scale and below) as its fine fibers give a short pile velvet effect. With a slightly longer fiber than some other flocking materials (Doodlebug Crushed Velvet Flock for example) it is suitable for slightly deeper finishes, miniature rugs, or short haired animals like cats in 1:12 scale. The fibers in this flock aren't long enough to make scale grass, except in N (1:144 -1:60) or gaming scales, where it works well on gaming piece bases if blended. This particular flock isn't the best candidate for model car interiors. Shorter fibered flocks like Doodlebug's Crushed Velvet Flock or the flocking powders like Detail Master sold for creating scale car mats are better.

Using Fun Flock Fun Flock is easily applied to double sided tape, or thin, slower drying paper glues. Stampendous make an embossing glue for stamps, but you need to apply flock very quickly to get it to hold. Most stamps would probably be better if you overstamped them with a glue layer and flocked into that. Flocked papers or tapes can be punched out with standard decorative punches to create small velvety details for trims. The flocking can also be applied to sheer fabric lawn or organza using fabric glues to create a fine, somewhat velvety pile. Here the trick is to use a glue that won't make the fabric too stiff for use. You can also use a glue pen over simple wall paper designs to flock a motif in place for flocked velvet wallpapers. This technique works best in scales of 1:12 or larger.

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