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National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts - NAME Dollhouse Organization


 NAME is an acronym for National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts, an educational non profit organization based mainly in the US dedicated to promoting the dollhouse miniatures hobby through sharing experiences and knowledge. NAME is the main supporter of miniature clubs throughout North America  and hold regional "house parties' and a large annual National Convention to promote the hobby.  NAME do have a regional presence in Canada and New Zealand/ Australia as well.

The NAME website has a list of regional clubs including contact information so you can find local miniaturists, and also post an annual show calendar highlighting shows of all sizes. For individuals who can't make it to a local meeting group, NAME have a lending library of slide, video and DVD programs, and produce a bi-monthly Miniature Gazette with information on local clubs and miniature projects.

If you want an opportunity to share the experience of making and collecting miniatures with other like minded individuals, NAME is a great place to start.

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