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Miniature Basics - Supplies, Tools and Techniques for Miniatures and Models

Tools and materials for making or working with miniatures. Includes, techniques, references, and glossery of terms
  1. Glossary of Miniature Terms (50)
  2. Materials Used for Miniatures (162)
  3. References and Book Reviews (63)
  4. Techniques For Miniatures (83)
  5. Tools for Miniatures (67)

The Importance of Scale in Miniatures for All Types of Models and Collectibles
The measurement of scale for miniatures and models explained. Scales for model railroads scales, antiques, miniature vehicles, gaming figures, dollhouses and finescale.

How is a Miniature Defined?
Definition of miniature as a term applied to scale models, living things, china, pottery, glass, paintings and other collectible objects.

Nine Tips for Beginning Miniature Collectors
Tips on starting a collection of miniatures, including making decisions about what to collect and what story you want your collection to tell.

Basic Materials to Create Miniatures or Miniature Displays
Information about common basic supplies and materials used to create and display miniatures

Organization Tips For the Model Builder's or Miniaturist's Workshop
Tips help you organize your workshop or craft space for building models and miniatures.

Tools That Save Work and Frustration for Modellers and Miniaturists
Top time saving tools for miniaturists and modellers aren't always powerful or expensive. Here's a list of items that can save work and frustration, and not break the bank.

Glues for Miniatures and Models - What to Use and When
Types of glues used for a range of materials and miniatures, including dollhouses and plastic models, with reviews and explanations of how and where to use them.

Time Saving Tools You Wouldn't Be Without On Your Miniature Work Bench
Tips for time saving tools to speed up work or ease frustration on your miniature work bench. See submissions

Exterior Finishes for Model Buildings and Dolls Houses

There are a range of methods and materials that can help you recreate exterior building finishes in small scales. For the most realistic finishes, make sure the materials you are using are based on the sizes of real equivalents, and try to pick items which have smaller flecks or a fine grain so those do not overwhelm the miniature effect.

How Laser Cut Miniatures are Made and How You Can Create Your Own
How laser cut miniatures are created and how you can produce your own laser cut miniatures

Should You Take a Silver or Metal Smithing Course To Learn Skills for Miniatures
Should you take a silversmith or metal smithing class to learn skills for working with miniatures? Here's a list of skills you might learn, and how they apply to working with a range of miniatures.

Tips for Greener Crafting
Submit your green crafting tips, how do you reduce your impact on the earth with wise choices when crafting?

Tips for Greener Crafting - Reduce Your Hobby's Enviromental Impact
Tips for ensuring your craft interests don't cause harm to the environment.

Money Saving Tips for Miniature Collectors
These simple suggestions can give you new directions to stretch your dollar and improve your miniature collection.

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