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Make Dollhouse Scale Bin Pull Handles


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Make Bin Pull Handles For Dollhouses and Shops
Brass bin pull style handles in dolls house scale on kitchen drawers.

Bin pull handles in dollhouse scale on kitchen drawers, made from brass tape.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Bin pull handles are a period style addition to a range of dollhouse miniature projects. With a bit of preparation you can make a mold and emboss your own dollhouse scale bin pulls from thin metal sheet or tape, or foil paper. The technique isn't difficult, and the handles can be made in a variety of scales. The ones shown here are in 1:12 scale, and were made from 1/4 inch thick brass tape sold for scrapbooking. Copper and other metal tapes are available for stained glass work and other purposes.

These bin pulls work well on the traditional kitchen base cabinets or the dollhouse night table. They can be fixed in place with glue or small screws or nails, depending on the scale of pull you require. You can make the pulls in scales as small as 1:48 with care.

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