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Modify Miniature Castings Using Two Part Epoxy Putty


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Choose Your Brand and Mix Two Part Epoxy Putty
Part A and part B of a two part epoxy putty ready for mixing.

Mix equal amounts of two part epoxy putty to modify resin castings, dolls house miniatures, and metal miniatures. Use gloves to protect your hands.

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Choosing a Brand of Two Part Epoxy Putty

Several brands of two part epoxy putty are available. They vary by set up time, (a few minutes to several hours), finish, (matte through gloss), color, flexibility when cured, ability to withstand high temperatures, ease of mixing, stickiness, and grain size (coarse to fine). If you need your putty for a particular use (to withstand heat, set up quickly , sculpt with electric power tools, or apply in thin layers, check the specifications for various brands. Epoxy putties (sometimes called green stuff by gaming miniaturists due to the color of a particular brand of mixed putty) are available in different sized packages. The package amounts vary from small gum like sticks, available from plastic modeling suppliers, to 1/4, half pound and larger bricks or tubs. The putty will dry out, so buy only what you will use within a year. Most putty will keep for up to two years if properly stored. Dried areas can be cut away to fresh putty for use.

Mix Your Putty All two part putties require equal sized amounts of compound A and compound B to be mixed thoroughly together. The easiest putties to mix are the ones with the widest color contrast between A and B which enable you to easily see any unmixed compound. Only mix small amounts which can be used up within the working time for your particular putty. You can add another layer of putty to an existing layer once putty has hardened in order to re work or build up areas of a sculpture.

Extending Working Time Some putties have a longer working time if the compounds are mixed unevenly, refer to the directions for your brand

Brands include:

  • Andrea Sculp
  • Apoxie from Aves
  • Gapoxio
  • Kneadatite, (formerly Duroputty)
  • Magic Sculp
  • Milliput (available in several different grains)
  • Pro Create
  • Resolin A + B Putty
  • Tamiya Epoxy Sculpting Putty and Quick Dry Epoxy Tape

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