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Modify Miniature Castings Using Two Part Epoxy Putty


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Use Epoxy Putty to Modify The Shape of Scale Model or Dolls House Miniatures
Two part epoxy putties used to modify resin, metal and plastic miniatures

Two part epoxy putties are used to modify metal, resin, plastic and wood miniatures.

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Cast plastic, metal and resin miniatures for models or dolls house scenes aren't always exactly the way you want them. Unless you need to make the miniature smaller, the easiest way to modify, adapt the shape or add detail is by using two part epoxy putty. Long a staple material for making and modifying gaming miniatures and model horses, epoxy putty can also be used to modify model car parts, rework die cast cars and other metal miniatures, and change limb positions and features on dolls house dolls. Its strength makes it a good candidate for small original sculptures as well. If you need small scale birds, use epoxy putty to form them on an armature of fine wire. If you want a small scale person, sculpt the body parts out of putty and shape and sand the putty to a final figure shape when it is dry.

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