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Glow in the Dark Polymer Clay


Glow in the dark polymer clay ghost

Glow in the Dark polymer clay gives off a greenish glow

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When to Use Glow in the Dark Polymer Clay

Glow in the dark polymer clay is useful for creating glowing objects for Halloween scenes that will be lit by blacklights. The blacklights will continue to charge the clay and keep it glowing. The glowing effect is very shortlived once lights are turned off. Items made with glow in the dark polymer clay will only glow for a few minutes between light charges. This makes the clay useful for displays where the lights will go out for a short time, but not useful if the display will be left in the dark for more than a few minutes.

Who Makes Glow in the Dark Clay?

Glow in the dark clay is available in Fimo (soft) and Sculpey III clays. The Sculpey clay comes in several different fluorescent colors.

Handling Characteristics of Glow in the Dark Clays

Glow in the dark clays tend to be more brittle after curing (baking) and are prone to discoloration if overbaked. The Fimo Glow in the Dark clay is very soft and sticky. It would be very difficult to create canes using this clay. The characteristics of the Fimo clay make it very difficult to create firm shapes or model figures. It is probably best used for softer sculpture lines. Like other polymer clay, you can change the handling characteristics to make the clays less brittle, by adding 'translucent' or 'porcelain'  clay to the glow in the dark clay. Additions will change the amount of glow the clay gives off however.

Other Glow in the Dark Clays

Makin's produce air dry glow in the dark clay which may also be useful for small Halloween decorations or figures. There is no need to cure the Makin's clay by heating or baking it.

Suggested Uses

Glow in the Dark polymer clay seems to work bests when conditioned in sheets and cut out as flat objects which can then be gently shaped or blended into other clay. The clays are very soft and clear detail is hard to achieve. Flat Halloween decorations, shapes such as masks, bats, or ghost silhouettes work well. Detailed canes are harder to achieve, and figure sculpting requires cool working conditions. The Sculpey clays can be very brittle, cure them at the correct temperature for the right length of time.

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