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Review of Ink Jet Waterslide Decal Sheets From Experts Choice

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Diamond window panes and shop names applied to miniature windows with ink jet decals

Ink jet decals used to apply detailed window panes to dolls house windows.

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The Bottom Line

Experts-Choice Decal Film is an easy way to produce custom decals for many miniatures. Available in clear or white it can be used to apply logos and signs, or to apply chintz designs to plates, grids or signs to doll house windows, as well as for the traditional scale model design applications. If you plan your project carefully you can produce a wide variety of custom decal designs on a single sheet.

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  • Easy to use, just print as you do on paper
  • Available in single sheets or larger packs
  • Any graphic can be made into a decal


  • Printers have no white ink, need white paper decal sheets for white designs
  • Decals should be coated with Liquid Decal Film after printing


  • Colors print on the film very similar to the results on paper.
  • Decals are easy to apply and adhere well.
  • Fine detail is possible in any scale
  • Ink does not smudge
  • Decal backing melds into background, decals used on clear surfaces must be trimmed so backing is not obvious.
  • Decals can be made very thin which allows them to mold over contour lines.

Guide Review - Review of Ink Jet Waterslide Decal Sheets From Experts Choice


Custom waterslide decals have many uses in miniatures. Traditionally they are used to transfer logos and insignia onto scale model cars, railroad stock, boats and airplanes, but they can be used for any application where a clear backed graphic design needs to be applied.

Experts-Choice ink jet decals are printed on either a clear or white sheet of decal paper (depending on whether white is part of your design) using an ink jet printer. White sheets must be used where you want white in the design as inkjets do not use white ink. Laser sheets are also available for use with laser printers or photocopiers. Decals printed on the ink jet paper are removed from the backing paper by soaking them in water. To protect the ink jet images from smudging, Expert's Choice recommend you coat them with Microscale Liquid Decal Film after printing them as ink jet inks are not waterfast. The heatset inks from laser printers do not need to be coated after printing. If you need a thicker decal, you can apply several coats of decal film.

The decals can then be applied to any surface, including plastic or paper. Traditional logos and signs can be applied to railroad stock, cars, or airplanes. For less traditional uses you can shrink artwork, turn it into decals and apply it to miniature bottles or other packaging, or make miniature travel labels for suitcases, or car windows. You can easily use the decal sheets to create sheets of a floral design to apply to dollhouse resin or paper plates, including using your own photos of people or pets. Bathroom tiles or scrollwork can be easily added to bathroom fixtures. Grid or stained glass designs, or custom signs can be applied to windows of plastic or glass. Custom logos can be created and applied to shopfronts, model cars, carts, or any other miniature.

Experts-Choice Decals are a very thin and delicate decal, which will follow contours well. A brush can be used to smooth them out into place on detailed surfaces.


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