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Glue N Glaze from Deluxe Materials

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Glue N Glaze applicator bottle.

Glue N Glaze is a very thin glue for model and miniature applications which comes with a very fine tip applicator.

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The Bottom Line On Glue N Glaze for Minatures and Models

Deluxe Materials Glue 'N' Glaze forms thin flexible polymer films, similar to those you can make with PVA glue.  A fine point applicator allows the production of very thin films across openings up to ¼ inch (6mm) wide to create windows which is especially usefull where you are working with smaller scale factory or mullioned windows. The glue adheres to wood, plastic, metal, paper, and painted surfaces. As it adheres to paint, there is no need to mask models before gluing in airplane canopies, windshields or other clear parts. It can also be colored with watercolors or acrylics and used over shaped wire frames to create pseudo wire cloisonné for miniature flower petals, or stained glass cells with jewelry findings.


  • Easy way to get glazing across up to 6mm openings, or to glue clear plastic without crazing
  • Cleans up with water
  • Will successfully glaze a space 6mm wide
  • Great for large groups of small windows, factory windows, or small antique type panes.
  • Remains pliable, which is great for canopies on flying models which are subject to vibration.


  • Some curvature to the finished windows, due to the meniscus effect
  • May be more expensive than other options depending on availability


  • Very thin glue, dries flexible, more flexible than some other similar glues, good adhesion.
  • Easy way to make windows for model boats, scale warehouse windows, lenses in tiny glasses or scale model goggles.
  • Similar glues include Micro Krystal Clear, Pacer Formula 560 Canopy Glue and Testor's Clear Plastic Cement and Window Maker.
  • Difficult to locate in North America but worth searching out.Distributors are listed here on the Deluxe Materials Distributors page.

Guide Review - Glue N Glaze from Deluxe Materials

This thin water based glue from Deluxe Materials is a good choice when trying to create glazing across small openings. A thin film can be spread with a piece of sheet plastic to create large numbers of windows quickly in railway factory buildings. It can be used for filling in window areas in paper or resin buildings in smaller scales. It blends easily with water based paints allowing it to be colored and used as a glue dip for tiny wire petals to create miniature cloisonné or enamel flowers or to be made into colored lenses for model vehicle and boat lights. The advantage of this glue over standard pva glues is its ability to be spread very thin, and to hold together in a thin, stretchy film. Standard white craft glue will not form a thin enough film to make realistic windows easily, especially in smaller scales. Glue N Glaze seems to have an agressive tack and stays pliable and somewhat rubbery which allows it to hold clear canopies in place on slot cars and scale remote control airplanes. It will attach to paint, making it easier to use glue on finished areas without the need for masking.

For model builders who work with plastic or metal airplanes or cars, Glue 'N' Glaze will bond clear plastic windshields and canopies without crazing or fogging them. It will glue to painted surfaces, so canopies and windshields can be glued in after the piece is painted, without leaving slightly foggy glue lines visible at the base of the window.

Deluxe materials have an illustrated hints page with photos explaining how to use this product to create windows in smaller scale buildings.


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