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Cotton Lawn Inkjet Fabric Sheets

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Cotton lawn fabric printed with several coordinating miniature designs.

Treated cotton lawn sheets can be printed with an inkjet printer to make coordinating miniature fabrics for scale scenes or dolls houses.

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The Bottom Line

Coordinating patterns and colors can be hard to find for miniatures. Using these printable fabric sheets from the Electric Quilt Company found mainly in quilt shops, you can use your own computer graphics program or royalty free designs to make fabric for upholstery, drapes, bedding, table linens, even dolls clothes. You can also create scale fabric suitable for miniatures in smaller scales.


  • Fine cotton lawn fabric, 240 thread count.
  • Print any design from your printer in your colors on light fabric
  • Easy to use.
  • Fabric can be washed and ironed.


  • Fabric is slightly stiff
  • Colorfastness of fabric depends on the inks in your printer.
  • Fabric is not bright white, slightly cream
  • Only available in 8 ½ by 11 inch sizes.


  • Great way to achieve several coordinated patterns in small sizes.
  • Allows custom design of edged fabrics, or fabrics that coordinate with paper items you produce.
  • Fading and color depth depend to some extend on your printer ink.
  • Retains some stiffness from the treatments used to hold the ink, does not have the drape of true lawn.
  • Washes and irons well, may depend on printer ink.

Guide Review - Cotton Lawn Inkjet Fabric Sheets

If you have a computer and a printer you can make a surprising number of co-ordinated items for your miniature collection. EQ Printables Premium Cotton Lawn Inkjet Fabric Sheets are a fine cotton lawn fabric in a weight that is useful for many miniature applications. The sheets are very easy to use. You print directly onto the fabric surface the same way you do on paper.

For smaller scales, where fabrics are very difficult to find, this is a good way to make drapery or upholstery fabrics, even shop awnings, with designs in the correct scale.

The fabric sheets are slightly cream colored, and as inkjet printers have no white, you cannot use these sheets for bright white designs. When used with a Canon inkjet with ClI 8 inks, set at high print resolution, colors came out very similar to those printed on white paper, with very little ink loss after soaking the sheets as directed to remove excess ink. Hand washing with mild laundry soap did not cause the inks to fade either.

You can use your own artwork or use reproducible artwork from companies such as Dover, to create period appropriate fabrics that you can coordinate.

If you have a suitable printer graphics program, you can design fabric for dolls dresses and other applications placing the motifs exactly where you want them, matching the colors to other items. Pillows or tableclothes, bed sheets or duvet covers with matching borders are easy to produce. As long as you know how to use your graphics software!)

A single sheet can be used to print enough fabric for your chairs and sofa, with coordinating patterned and plain cushions. You can lay out exact shapes for upholstery or dolls clothes.

Even after washing the fabric remains slightly stiff, so it will not drape the same was a normal cotton lawn for detailed dolls dresses. For upholstery or tailored uses it is fine.

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New sizing for the Fabric Sheets & New Material, Member Marilu762

The cotton fabric sheets now come in sizes larger than 8 1/2 X 11 1/2, they now come in sizes of 8 1/2 X 14 1/2 as well. You can get them in larger sizes if your printing system accomodates them. There is a new fabric sheet now which has a slightly raised knap referred to as Flocked substrate, Suede paper, velvet paper or Satin paper. It was developed for use of card or album designers/crafters initially, so it comes in various and multi patterns and colors. But also comes in Coconut (white) to print your own design/colors onto. It is great for printing off mini carpet or rugs. The designs come out crisp, clear and vivid color. There is little problem with them feeding through printers. You need to let ink set up for a full 24 hrs. to insure completely cured and it's best to set the color with a fixative. So far Blair's fixative has been referred to me to use for this purpose. It's commonly found in Art Stores and used by Artists.

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