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Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigments

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Jars of fine ground metallic pigment from Jacquard

Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigment comes in a wide range of useful colors

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The Bottom Line

Very fine pigment can be applied in thin layers to create smooth metallic coatings on almost any surface. The pigments can be mixed with colored paints to deepen or contrast the pigment color. Pigments can be used for many types of applications allowing the matching of color in fabrics, miniature building surfaces, wood, plastic or metal surfaces. The pigments are dry, so they last for years and only small amounts are needed for most projects. These pigments allow you to combine a metallic sheen with almost any color of craft, acrylic or watercolor paint.


  • Easily mixed into almost any medium or can be dusted on and painted over.
  • Wide range of metallic and antique metallic colors as well as interference powders.
  • Same color can be used for wood, paper, fabric, metal or any other surface to create matching sets.
  • Very thin layers possible for accurate metallic looks.
  • Neutral pH, color fast and stable it is good for archival applications


  • Need to mix thoroughly into whichever medium you want to use.
  • Fine powder, mix it away from your workspace or risk transferring metallic color everywhere.


  • Can be mixed with mediums and airbrushed. Check the nozzle size of the airbrush to make sure it is compatible.
  • Can be mixed into polymer clay or glazed over polymer clay.
  • Can be mixed into candle wax or glycerin soap, nailpolish or paints.

Guide Review - Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigments

Jacquard's Pearl Ex Pigments are very fine particle pigments in metallic, interference, pearlescent, halo and hi-lite colors. They can be added to any art medium or used dry and over glazed making them a very useful basic color range for your tool kit. A single jar of gold pigment can be used with white glue, acrylic mediums and gels, fabric paints, clear stamp ink, watercolor and plain acrylic paints and varnishes, even wax, enamel paints and nail varnish or dusted on tacky hot melt glue to make all kinds of finishing materials for indoor and outdoor applications on anything from plastic and metal to polymer clay or paper.

If you need an enamel or acrylic gold paint which exactly matches a stamped pattern on fabric, use the same pigment in different base mediums. They can then be painted on plastic, wood, metal, anything you can apply an art medium to. Need a gold embossing paste? Add Pearlex Gold pigment to Light acrylic moulding medium. Need a three dimensional gel? Add the pigment to Semi Gloss Gel Medium. Need a light gold glaze over a deep color base? Apply the base coat and allow it to dry, then mix pigment with a clear nail varnish and apply it over top.

Fine pigments like this give you possibilities impossible to create any in any other way and are especially useful for ensuring matching metallic colors throughout a color scheme.

To start out, choose a single pigment you use a lot (antique silver, pewter, bronze, brass or gold) and mix a bit of pigment with water to apply it as a water color on any surface, or mix it with craft glue to create a glossy or matte metallic glaze, or clear stamp ink, to stamp out a wallpaper or fabric pattern. Once you begin you will find you can use these pigments for all kinds of miniature and modeling applications. Jacquard products have a lot of applications for the powders on their website.

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