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What is Mohair and How is it Used for Miniatures, Dolls and Model Horses?



What is Mohair?

Mohair is the name for the fibres of the hair of Angora goats. The fibers are very fine and take dyes well, leaving the fiber with a silky lustre very similar to healthy human hair. For this reason unspun mohair fiber or roving (the name for unspun fiber) is often used for doll wigs and to make manes and tails for model horses or hair and fur for other scale model animals.

Mohair is available also as a fluffy, silky yarn, and in several fabric forms. Mohair fabric woven with a long pile is often used for making teddy bears with 'fur'.

Where Can You Find Mohair Fiber ?

Long fiber mohair roving , sometimes sewn in strips called mohair 'weft' for making doll wigs is available online from doll making suppliers. It can also often be purchased in the form of a 'fiber braid' from theatrical supply houses, where it is used to make wigs and facial hair for actors. Costume houses may also stock a range of colors and blends of mohair roving.

Using Mohair Roving or Unspun Fibers

As Mohair is a protein based fiber like wool, it can be shaped with heat and moisture and most hair products to control 'frizz' and set. A mohair dolls wig can be curled by dampening the fiber and wrapping it around a 'curler' made from a fine plastic straw, coated wire, or toothpicks. Once dry the curls can be carefully unrolled and gently set into a style. A wide range of tips for using mohair fiber for miniatures and dolls can be found on the mini doll lists maintained by Miniature Scenes and Tips Mini Doll Lists (MSAT mini dolls).

Pronunciation: moʊ.her
Mohair is a fine, silky fiber used to make hair for dolls and manes and tails for model horses.
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