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Scenic Snow from Deluxe Materials

Model Scale Snow with Scenic Snow from Deluxe Materials

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Scenic Snow kit for modelling snow in miniature scenes.

The Scenic Snow Kit from Deluxe Materials comes with Scenic Snowflakes, Icy Sparkles to help mimic melting or icy snow, and Glue.

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Deluxe Materials Scenic Snow produces a very realistic miniature snow effect in several scales on surfaces from trees to sidewalks. Unlike Christmas spray snow, this effect is permanent and dries as fast as the glue you use. The range of particle sizes makes the snow effect very accurate. With careful modelling you can recreate the effect of blown, swept or icy snow. The products are a bit difficult to locate in North America but well worth searching out. The Canadian Distributor for these products is Ontario Adhesives while distributors in the US include Michigan Toy Soldier Co. (see the scenic section for Deluxe Materials.)

Pros and Cons


  • Scenic Snowflakes are available on their own in 500ml bottles or kits with 110 gram bottles.
  • Snowflakes are also available in a Scenic Snow kit with glue and Icy Sparkles which helps create the effect of icy snow.
  • The thin glue in the kit is easily applied to all surfaces for varying snow amounts, and extra coatings of snow can be added to build up drifts.
  • The snow is granular, and has a very realistic effect in smaller and larger scales.
  • Icy Sparkles, a type of very fine glitter, adds a realistic icy look to snow edges and surfaces if you wish to apply it.
  • Scenic Snowflakes material is very dense, not a lot is needed to cover grass or other absorbent areas of terrain. The material sinks into grass mats rather than sitting on top as other products do, and allows modelling of light snow through to heavy drifts.
  • The end result is very realistic and allows for lots of different snow effects, especially considering how easy the product is to use.


  • Scenic Snowflakes are a fine powder so they must be used with caution in a well ventilated area and are not for application by children.
  • The snow should be permanently glued or sprayed with a spray fixative to reduce the possibility of fine dust. This is not a product you want loose on a Christmas village street, but when glued down it will not interfere with the operation of a railroad.

Working With Scenic Snow

Modelling snow in miniature can be difficult, depending on what effects you want to achieve. Painted snow finishes are best done with an airbrush, But the correct texture is difficult to achieve which leaves many modellers looking for a simpler alternative.

Scenic Snow can be applied with thin glue to achieve several effects, from thin wind blown snow, to dense drifts. It can be applied in layers to trees, house roofs or truck tires to easily build up varied snow effects.

Dry new fallen corn or powder snow is easily achieved with a thin layer of the glue in the Scenic Snow kit. A quick layer of any spray glue also makes a good base for the simplest applications.

Thicker layers or drifts of snow are easily achieved by building the snow up in layers, or by adding a styrofoam or floral foam base to the height of the snow and gluing the snow on top to resemble drifts. The material is dense enough to cover even contrasting base materials easily.

Unlike painted snow effects, Scenic Snow has a mix of granule sizes, down to fine dust, which give it a very realistic surface effect. Melted snow mixed with ice can be created by dusting a thin layer of Icy Sparkles included with the Scenic Snow kit, onto the edges or top surface of the snow after it is applied. The effect of icy sparkles is subtle and very realistic,not like the oversized glitter used in some other decorative ice effect products.

Things to Consider Before Using Scenic Snow

Scenic Snow is a permanent coating applied to structures and scenes to give them the texture of snow. It is not a product which should be left loose in a display.

The Scenic Snow kit comes with a 110 g bottle of Scenic Snowflakes, plus 25 grams of Icy Sparkles and 100 m of Scenic Bond, a thin brush on glue. The glue works well for adding snow to branches and fine detail. If you want heavier layers of snow, you may want to use a thicker glue. (Deluxe Materials are renowned for their extensive line of modelling and hobby glues.) The kit claims to cover half a square yard (half a square meter) of surface, depending on how deeply you want to apply the product. The Scenic Snowflakes are fairly dense and have a good cover rate in a very thin layer. This is a very fine product, which is not fluffy like some artificial snows. Larger 500 ml bottles of Scenic Snowflakes are available if you don't need the glue or Icy Sparkles to create melting or icy snow effects.

As it has a very fine particle size it should be used in a well ventilated area. Follow the directions on the label. The product is applied by sprinkling from above, it is a good idea to apply it above a larger sheet of paper or an inexpensive flexible cutting mat. This allows you to collect excess material and return it to the shaker bottle for future use.

The snow is easily applied in layers allowing the modeller to adjust the effect bit by bit. The product is fairly heavy, so sprinkling it does not result in large amounts of airborne dust.

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