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Add Summer Color to Dolls House Miniature Displays With Moss Hanging Baskets


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Prepare Your Miniature Moss Basket Shape From Florist's Foam
A base for a dolls house scale moss hanging basket is made from florist's foam covered with moss.

A base for a dolls house scale moss hanging basket is made by covering florist's foam with reindeer moss.

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Shape the Basket - Begin making your miniature moss hanging basket by cutting a rough cube of dry floral arrangement foam to a cube shape, at least 1/3 smaller than you want your basket to be. If you prefer you can use a suitable size of styrofoam ball. If you use dry florist's foam, round the edges of the cube to make it a roughly rounded shape.

Cover the Basket With Moss Apply a THIN layer of pva glue to the outside of your florist's foam and press bits of reindeer moss into the glue. Roll the shape between your palms to keep it rounded and press the moss into the glue. Set aside to dry.

Note: do not use too much glue to stick the moss to the foam, or you will be unable to insert the wire stems of your miniature flowers into the foam when the glue/ moss layer has dried. The stems of the tiny flowers will help hold the moss to the foam as you 'plant' the hanging basket. If you will be using colored railroad scatter to represent miniature plants, extra glue won't be a problem.

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