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Make Detailed Dolls House Scale Tulips


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Make Petals for Detailed Miniature Tulips
A paper punched daisy and a tear drop form the basis for dollhouse tulip petals.

Paper punched daisies or teardrops can be trimmed into various shapes of dolls house scale tulips.

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Use a large daisy punch (1 1/4 inch diameter) or a standard teardrop punch to cut out the base shape for your tulip petals from a piece of painted or colored paper. If you are using watercolors or markers to color your petals, paint the paper on both sides and let it dry before you punch out your petals. To make the paper shinier on one side, you can add a tiny amount of gum arabic medium to your watercolor paint.

For each tulip you will need six individual petals. Depending on the type of tulip flower you decide to make, you will shape the petals slightly differently. To make lily flowered tulips with their elegant pointed petals, thin the point of the teardrop punched petal with scissors, or cut a single daisy petal from the cluster creating a long point as shown in the photo above.

For lily flowered tulips you will use the rounded end of the punched petal as the base. For Emperor, or rounded cottage tulips you will use the rounded side of the petal as the top. For these tulips you will need to cut off the point from your punched petal. Small cottage tulips will need petals roughly 1/4 inch long. Larger florist's tulips will need petals which are a bit longer, depending on the type of flower you are making. For some modern florists tulips you will need to create a slight point on the rounded end of your petal using curved scissors. If cutting off the point leaves you with a broad base on your petal, use curved scissors to narrow it slightly.

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