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Make Detailed Dolls House Scale Tulips


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Make Stamens for Miniature Flowers
Threads tipped with yellow paint make dolls house scale tulip anthers.

You need six pollen bearing anthers for each dolls house scale tulip

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Know the Parts of the Flower The first step in detailing miniature tulip flowers is to match the central stamen and anther color to the flower you are recreating. Tulips generally have black stamens with yellow or black anthers (the pollen holding piece on top of the stamen). Some have yellow or green stamens with yellow anthers. There are a few with different color combinations. Each tulip flower will always have six stamens.

To Make Stamens and Anthers Choose a thread color or run a 6 inch length of fine sewing thread through fingers coated with the correct color of acrylic paint. Roll the thread through your fingers as you pull it through the paint. Set aside to dry.

When you have the correct color of stamen thread, cut 1/8 to 3/16 inch lengths of thread into a dish or onto a plate. Cut six or seven for each flower you intend to make.

Use your tweezers to dip the top 1/3 to 1/2 of each thread piece into a bit of pollen colored paint. This could be black, or yellow, depending on the flower you are making. If you are making a general tulip, use yellow. Set each stamen down on a ceramic, or plastic surface to dry. This will help the paint to flatten out slightly on the ends of your stamen.

Set these aside to dry while you make the center of the flower in the next step.

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