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Make Detailed Dolls House Scale Tulips


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Make Detailed Dolls House Scale Tulips
Deep pink lily flowered tulip and rounded cottage tulip in dolls house scale.

A lily flowered and a cottage tulip in 1:12 dollhouse scale

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Make Detailed Miniature Tulips From Paper Cut with Common Punches

This miniature or dolls house tulip making project is categorized as an intermediate miniature project because it requires a bit more practise and skill to perfect than some other projects. Intermediate projects have a greater attention to detail than beginner projects, but a beginner can skip the finicky bits and make a beginner's style tulip instead of an intermediate one.

At a miniature fair, a beginners tulip would look like a tulip, but it probably wouldn't have a detailed center, or have petals colored or shaped to represent particular flower types. It would be a generic pretty tulip that was well made.

To work on flowers in miniature at an intermediate level, a craftsperson needs to know much more about the flower than just its general shape. You need to know more about the real plant, what particular color is it, what color are it's leaves, how do it's petals curl, its leaves. What color are the pollen stamens, the anthers. Is the flower shiny inside or matte?

What would be an expert level? At the expert level, the miniature should be indistinguishable from a real plant in miniature. In furniture, an expert piece would function exactly as a real piece would, and the same holds true for other levels of craft. At an expert level all materials would be documented and the piece would have information allowing it to be carefully cared for under museum conditions. Your tulips would need to have a recorded list of materials used to make them, paints and glues, and craft style paints without artistic standards wouldn't be acceptable. Light would have to come through the petals the same way it does through a living plant.

This project will have a lot more information on how to do it, but less information on exact measurements than a beginner project might. It isn't hard, just done with more care.

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