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Make Scale Miniature Fir and Pine Cones


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Tip - Keeping Miniature Tree Cones In Scale
A natural alder cone is shown next to a dolls house scale Douglas Fir Cone made from paper and wire.

A natural alder cone, often used for scale pinecones, is shown next to a dolls house scale Douglas Fir cone made from paper and wire.

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Here you can see natural cones from an alder tree which are often used to represent pine cones in miniature scales. To represent cones in scale, they should be the correct size of the real cone. These alder cones represent real cones six to eight inches in height, which are large tree cones. As they are an open shape, they can easily be modified with Acrylic Paint Mediums to more closely resemble pine cones.

The smaller Douglas fir cones are 3 to five inches long on real trees, and cones from other fir and spruce species may be even smaller. The size of your miniature cone will depend on the size of punched circle you use and the spacing you use on the wire. Spacing the circles closer together will make a fatter cone.

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