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Make Scale Miniature Fir and Pine Cones


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Make Scale Miniature Fir and Pine Cones
Three dolls house scale pine cones on a branch made from lycopodium moss.

Dolls house scale tree cones made from paper and wire on a scale miniature tree branch made from lycopodium moss (princes pine).

Photo ©2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Cones are an important feature of many trees, and scale miniature trees look more realistic if some are included. Although many people use cones from alder trees to represent pine cones, they are usually wildly out of scale.

The instructions that follow demonstrate how to make scale fir, spruce and pine cones from wire and paper. If you want to make a particular kind of tree cone, examine photographs to see how your chosen cone differs from the examples given on the next few pages.

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