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Make Water Lilies in Dollhouse Miniature and Model Scales from Paper and Paint


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Make Scale Miniature Water Lily Leaves
An embossing tool is used to press leaf veins into a dolls house scale water lily leaf.

An embossing tool presses leaf veins into a painted paper leaf for a miniature dollhouse scale waterlily.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

To make leaves for your miniature water lilies, begin by painting a piece of paper with your chosen color of green paint. I used watercolors mixed with a bit of 'gum arabic' watercolor medium to give my leaves the sheen you see in the photo. Paint both sides of your paper and leaving it to dry between coats.

Cut out a range of sizes of circles, some larger than the size of your flower, some smaller, and some the same size. On one side of the circle, use your curved scissors to cut towards the center slighty, cutting small lobes on the leaves and dividing them the way you see in the photo. Mark light veins on the leaves with your embossing tool, either from one edge as shown, or from the center. It is sometimes easier to make the veins from one edge, depending on the size of your leaf. Run your embossing tool lightly around the top outside edge of the lily to make the edge curl up slightly.

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