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Make Water Lilies in Dollhouse Miniature and Model Scales from Paper and Paint


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Make Scale Miniature Water Lilies For Dollhouse and Model Scenes
Water lilies sit on the faux water surface of a dollhouse koi pond made from sheet styrene.

Water lilies can be added to the still water areas of a dolls house scale pond to add to the realism of the miniature scene.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Miniature fish ponds and natural ponds make great settings for scale miniature waterliles. These are one of the easiest miniature plants to make, all you need is paper, paint and glue, and either a paper punch or curved scissors.

For the most realistic water lilies, color the lilies according to photos of real varieties. Use marker paper or some semi transparent paper and watercolors, or watercolor pencils for the best effect. If you want to make your leaves or flowers shiny, you can varnish them after painting with a thin layer of clear acrylic finish.

To use the waterlilies, set them in areas of model water features where there is no current. This is where real lilies would naturally be found. As the lilies are fairly easy to cut from paper by hand, you can make "pygmy" waterlilies to set in small outdoor containers or conservatory pots if you don't have a water feature in your scene.

If you want to build a water feature for a miniature scene there are instructions on this site for:

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