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Make Easy Dollhouse Scale Miniature Crocus Using a Paper Punch


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Make Dollhouse or Playscale Miniature Crocuses for Scale Scenes
Dollhouse miniature paper crocus shown against a backdrop of a real crocus petal

Miniature crocus flowers in a dollhouse scale pot shown against the backdrop of a small open crocus flower.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

These scale miniature crocuses are easily made using a simple daisy paper punch, colored paper and wire. You can make them open or closed, with pollen stamens if you wish. As shown here the crocus are in dollhouse 1:12 scale, made with a half inch wide daisy or small teardrop shaped paper punch, as well as paper and fine wire. The crocus take many of the same skills used to make the dollhouse miniature tulips, dollhouse miniature lilies or dollhouse Easter Lilies, but are made with smaller punched petals using the shape in reverse.

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