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Make Miniature Heart Shaped Moss or Ivy Topiaries for a Dolls House or Favor


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Cut a Pocket in the Scrubbing Material To Insert the Wire Heart Frame
Scouring pad furnace material slit in the center to make a pocket for a wire topiary frame.

The base for a miniature heart topiary, made from a section of furnace filter or scouring pad material, is split in the center with a polymer clay blade to form a pocket for the wire topiary frame.

Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

To make the base for the moss covered heart topiary you need to cut a pocket into the center of your fiber scrubbing pad or furnace filter material so that you can insert the wire frame for the topiary. You can do this with one blade from a pair of scissors, or with a thin polymer clay blade, working it into the center of the scrubbing pad from the base to form a small pocket. Take care not to cut yourself when making the pocket in the material. If you can't make a pocket, glue two sections of scrubbing pad over either side of the wire heart and allow the glue to dry.

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