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Make Miniature Heart Shaped Moss or Ivy Topiaries for a Dolls House or Favor


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How to Shape the Wire Frame for a Miniature Heart Topiary
Paper covered wire is wrapped around a cylingder to shape the rounded lobes of a heart topiary frame

A length of paper covered wire is shaped around a cylinder to make the lobes for a miniature heart shaped topiary support.

Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Begin your miniature heart topiary by shaping your wire into a heart shaped frame on a stem. Leave a straight end, roughly 2 inches long, and bend the upper part of this length around a cylindrical shape as shown in the photo. Pinch the wire after the curve you have made, then shape the second lobe. Remove the wire from the form, and adjust the lobes on the heart so that they are roughly a match for each other. Bring the free end of the wire in to the main stem and bend the stem where it touches the free end to make the point on the end of the heart. Paint the base wire beneath the heart brown to make a stem for your topiary.

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