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Easy Ways to Make Dollhouse or Fairy Garden Gazing Balls


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Covering a Plastic Stand for a Fairy Garden Gazing Ball
Beads and glitter are glued to a pen cap to make a fairy garden gazing globe stand.

Beads, glitter glue, sequins and glitter are used to decorate the exterior of a plastic pen cap as a stand for a fairy garden gazing ball or gazing globe.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

If you could only find a colored pen cap to make your fairy garden gazing ball stand, don't despair. You can easily cover the outside of the pen cap with your chosen decorations to make a suitably glittery stand. You can also use this method on the exterior of a clear container or pen cap to make a 'watery' or icy looking stand for a special fairy garden effect.

To cover the stand you will need a clear drying glue which is thick enough to hold your chosen materials, and which will withstand moisture if necessary. Silicone glues or thick rubbery plastic cements will usually work well, especially if they are rated for moist conditions.

Plan how you will decorate the outside of your container and how you will support it as you decorate it. Clamping it into a panavise or some other work clamp works well, or you can set the cap on the end of a pen and set the pen into modelling clay or a piece of floral foam.

Use a wooden toothpick or the glue applicator to apply small amounts of glue to one section of your cap at a time, using tweezers to set your chosen decorations in place. If your glue has a fine applicator tip, you can apply swirled lines to your cap and lay in a line of a particular material, then allow the glue to dry and apply the next line for a different decoration. Experiment with a range of items, repeating colors or spreading large shapes around the sides of your gazing ball stand.

When your stand is fully decorated, attach the base as shown in the previous step, and glue the ball to the top of the stand.

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