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Easy Ways to Make Dollhouse or Fairy Garden Gazing Balls


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Decorations for the Outside of a Fairy Garden Gazing Ball
Glitter, beads and other materials used to decorate the stand of a fairy garden gazing ball.

Glitter, beads and sequins used to decorate the stand of a fairy garden gazing ball or gazing globe made from a plastic pen cap.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Although Victorian garden gazing balls were usually set on a simple stone plinth, stands for fairy gardens can be much more whimsical. Especially where children are concerned, fairies seem to be attracted to shiny metal or gem like objects and colored films. To decorate my fairy garden gazing globe stand, I used metallic glitter flakes, metallic microbeads, clear bugle beads, heart shaped rhinestones, micro glitter, thick glue, and square irridescent sequins.

If your fairy garden gazing ball will be set outside or into a planted container, make sure your chosen materials and glue will withstand moisture and dust. Nothing is worse than a gazing ball which has lost its sparkle and can't be cleaned.

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