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Easy Ways to Make Dollhouse or Fairy Garden Gazing Balls


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Simple Ways to Make Miniature Gazing Globes or Balls for Fairy Gardens.
Miniature garden gazing globe in dolls house scale with a beaded base

This miniature gazing globe for a fairy garden is made from a plastic ornament and a bead covered pen cap.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Miniature garden gazing balls or gazing globes are easy to make in dollhouse scales or for a miniature garden scene. I've set out instructions for three different ways to make tiny gazing balls for indoor or outdoor use. The photos in these instructions show gazing balls made to fit with a 1:12 scale dollhouse doll, but you can adapt the method to work with fashion doll scale, garden railroad scale or 1:24 scale, or smaller scales using beads or small glass marbles. The gazing globes are a great way to draw the eye into a miniature scene, and you can choose balls which reflect or add to the color of your setting.

If you choose materials carefully, this is an easy project for a child. Use suitable sized marbles or plastic ornaments and safe glues if children are working on this project.

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