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Rustic Twig Doll's House Cabin Chair


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Make a Twig Chair in Dolls House Scale
A rustic dolls house chair made from twigs with a heart shaped back.

A miniature dolls house chair made from twigs.

Photo ©2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

This chair is a match to the rustic dolls house scale table. It takes it’s inspiration from traditional camp furniture, made in the Adirondack and Rustic styles. This type of furniture was very popular from 1860 through to 1930 and remains a feature of remote cabins today. Build with what you have should be the motto of this furniture style.

That will be the motto for the chair design in the following pages. No two will be alike, and all should be built with materials you can find to suit.

This particular chair is designed for a rustic front porch, so it has seen several seasons of outdoor weathering, and its finish is a little shabby to say the least! If you want to create a well loved lodge interior, rather than a front porch, use the same technique but make the project less shabby

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