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Make a Dolls House Child's Chair From Toothpicks and Wooden Stir Sticks


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Drill Holes in the Underside of the Dolls House Chair Seat To Hold the Leg Pegs
Toothpick legs placed in small holes drilled under a dollhouse child's chair seat.

A mini drill is used to drill holes under the seat base to take the pegs formed on top of the toothpick legs for the dollhouse child's chair.

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Mark the position of the legs on the underside of the seat. The back legs should be as close as possible to the back, without cutting into the slots for the back slats. Use a ruler to make sure the legs are lined up square.

Use your mini drill to make a hole the correct size for the peg you created on the top of the legs. The front holes should be drilled at a slight angle to make the front legs angle forward as shown in the photo.

Test fit your legs in the holes.

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