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Make Three Drawer Kitchen Base Cabinets in Dollhouse Scales


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Make Multi Drawer Dollhouse Kitchen Base Cabinets
A modular base cabinet with drawers for a dollhouse scale kitchen

The modular style modern kitchen base cabinet in 1:12 miniature dollhouse scale has drawer fronts that completely cover the cabinet frame. The brass bin pulls will be permanently fitted to the drawer fronts once the cabinets are finished.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Make a set of multi drawer base cabinets for your dolls house kitchen, a scale model bathroom, or an office. Kitchen cabinets in modern kitchens feature modular European cabinets with no visible framing. With the introduction of drawer slides, modern kitchens can have larger pull out drawers to hold heavier items than were possible in older face frame cabinets with wood drawers. The dollhouse kitchen cabinet instructions that follow show you how to make multi drawered cabinets with opening drawers to store all manner of dollhouse treasures. Although I've shown them with an overlay drawer to hide the base frame, if you set the drawer slides further into the cabinet and adjust the sides of the drawer fronts, you can make three drawer cabinets with inset drawers using the same method as the one shown.

I've given measurements for the cabinets made from craft wood in 1:12 dollhouse scale, but they are easily made in larger (1:6) or smaller (1:24) scales.

You can also make traditional metal bin pull handles like the ones shown temporarily installed on the cabinet in the photo on this page, using a mold you make yourself to emboss thin metal strips or foil tape.

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