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Make a Simple Step Stool For a Dolls House


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Stain the Step Stool For a Weathered Finish
Payne's Grey watercolor stains the wood of a dollhouse miniature step stool

The miniature step stool is stained with Payne's Grey watercolor to age the final finish.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

To begin to make a weathered or shabby chic finish on your miniature foot stool, apply a grey stain to the wood before you paint it. You can use a weathering solution to age the wood or you can use a simple stain as I did here made from a dilute solution of Payne's Grey watercolor.

I applied the Payne's Grey solution to the surface with a stiff brush which helps to raise the grain of the wood. Allow the surface to dry, then sand it lightly, depending on how rough you want the wood to appear. The grey stain will show through as weathered wood when you sand the final painted surface of your miniature.

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