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File Miniature Pedestal Bases for Dollhouse Tables


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File a Pedestal Base for a Dollhouse Miniature Table
Mock-Up of a dollhouse miniature lace table using a pedestal base shaped with files.

A dowel shaped with files makes a pedestal base for a miniature table. This one is being mocked up with legs suited to a miniature lace table.

Photo © 2013 Lesley Shepherd

Beginning miniature furniture makers are often stymied by a lack of turned parts for miniature furniture. Although it is possible to adapt balusters and all kinds of other purpose turned wood and plastic to make miniature furniture, it is a fairly easy process to create the look of a simply designed table pedestal using only miniature or needle files and sandpaper.

The mock-up of a lace table shown here features a pedestal base shaped with files and a test set of tripod legs. The same pedestal design can be used for a range of small occasional tables. Follow the steps on the following pages to experiment with the process and produce a pedestal you can use for a range of custom miniatures.

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