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Treasured Heirlooms Made From Memorable Moments


Interior of a Walmer Dollhouse Built by Sharon Motasky

An house full of precious memories, the redecorated dolls house originally built for Sharon's daughters to play with, now holds heirlooms to treasure.

Photo Courtesy Sharon Motasky, copyright 2009, Used with Permission

Here are Sharon Motasky's Notes about the contents of her Walmer Dollhouse which should give everyone who reads them some lovely ideas for preserving memories for their family in an heirloom project

Bedroom – 3rd floor - Salmon Color – Dress I wore in Kelly’s wedding in 1996 made this lovely bed set and drapes. The picture on the back wall was hand painted by their grandma Myrtle Stoner in 1976.

Bedroom – 3rd floor – Purple Room - Dress I wore in Amy’s commitment ceremony in 1999 made this lovely bed set and drapes.

Dining Room – Dress I wore in my wedding to Ed, made this lovely table cloth and drapes. The hand painted pastel French Limoges were hand painted by my daughter’s grandmother, Myrtle Stoner in 1978. The antique braided rugs and afghan were handmade by their other grandmother, Chloe Rife in 1978-79.

In the library you will find miniatures of my Amy and Kelly’s College Diploma’s. In the child’s room you will find miniatures of their Birth Certificates.

The beautiful landscaping in the front has been hand laid and strategically planted by my twin sister, best friend, and love of my life, Sandra Cramer and myself. Sandra is also a miniature enthusiast. Sandra is a gardener and her own yard is the same perfection she has given the Walmer.

Most of the furniture is that of the original Walmer in 1976. The accessories have been added. I made the bookshelves in the library and lots of other pieces you see throughout the house. I enjoyed making the handmade food, flowers, and most of the decorations.

I hope you enjoy viewing our dollhouse and are able to capture precious moments in looking at every little detail as we have done over the years.

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